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Ice Racing

Road racing is cars, karts (go-karts), motorcyles, or trucks racing with both right and left turns.

Why be a spectator? Be a driver, mechanic, flagger, or official. It's more fun to participate.

Just getting started?

Vehicles may be purpose-built (made for racing; not street legal), with racing tires and engines, or they may be street-legal vehicles. For example, in SCCA Solo II you can compete in the car you drive to work.

Serious racers avoid using the term "go-kart" in favor of "karting", to distinguish between something done just for fun ("go-kart" or "yard-kart") versus a more serious racing machine that is built specifically to be driven fast on a prepared course ("kart" and "karting"). But this distinction is not made by the general public, so the phrase "go-kart" gets used here in the interest of appealing to a broad audience.